Roland unveils three affordable TD-07 series electronic drum sets

Roland has announced the release of four new electronic drum set configurations. Each setup is based around Roland’s feature-packed, beginner/improver-friendly TD-07 drum module, and all include Roland’s patented dual-ply mesh heads.

The three-kit line-up joins the existing TD-07KV, and covers quite a lot of ground, from compact and portable to larger cymbal sizes and acoustic-style hi-hat mounting.

As well as plenty of acoustic, electronic and percussion sounds, and built-in editing and effects to process the sounds even further, the TD-07 module comes equipped with a host of features to make learning and practicing easier and more enjoyable. These include a USB audio/MIDI interface, Bluetooth, multiple on-board Coach modes and integration with Melodics online drum lessons.

Roland TD-07DMK

The entry-level TD-07DMK is the most affordable kit in the TD-07 series. It features a compact pad layout and a slimline kick pad that attaches directly to the stand, making it ideal for tight setups and situations where the kit needs to be stored away when not in use.

KD-2 stand-mounted bass drum pad

PDX-8 snare (x1)

PDX-6A tom pads (x3)

CY-5 cymbal pads (x2)

CY-5 hi-hat pad


The TD-07KX is the perfect step-up from the TD-07KV, providing larger snare and tom pads for greater playing comfort and the most cymbals in the TD-07 lineup.

KD-10 freestanding bass drum pad

PDX-12 snare pad

PDX-8 tom pads (x3) 

CY-8 crash cymbal pads (x2)

CY-8 ride cymbal pad

CY-5 hi-hat pad


The TD-07KVX is top of the TD-07 range, with a floating VH-10 hi-hat that mounts onto an acoustic hi-hat stand. It also comes with larger V-Cymbals, including a three-zone ride with bow, bell, and edge triggering for maximum expression.

KD-10 freestanding bass drum pad

PDX-12 snare pad

PDX-8 tom pads (x3) 

CY-12C-BK crash cymbal pads

CY-13R-BK ride cymbal pad

VH-10 hi-hat pad

The Roland TD-07KV is available now at Roland authorised retailers for $999.99. The TD-07DMK & TD-07KVX will be available in August for $799.99 and $1,599.99, respectively. Meanwhile, the TD-07KX Will retail for $1299.99 (availability may vary by region).

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