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Roland and Origin Workshop launch a new type of 808 and this one has a distinctive “Japanese kick”

Roland is further revelling in the #808Day festivities with the release of another 808-centric collaboration, this time its an American IPA, with the help of the Origin Workshop and three different breweries from around the globe.

The BR-808 was created with the help of the Mondo Brewing Company (UK), DevilCraft (Japan) and Melvin Brewing (US).

Being dubbed “a taste of the future”, the BR-808 has “been developed to recreate that deep sub-bass low end, delivering a solid Japanese kick that resonates through the American IPA flavours.”

Not only that but the ale is said to be rocking "tropical, citrus aromas, mikan orange peel and flavours from the generous rise of Citra and Amarillo hops."

For the brewing aficionados among you, "no caramel malt has been added, only light British pale malt and Cara pils, resulting in a refreshing brew coming in at 7% ABV."

There’s no word on whether you can actually get hold of this stuff at all, but we hope to check out those tropical, citrus aromas one day. In the meantime, head on over to the BR-808 website.

Of course this is not the only collaboration Roland has embarked on to celebrate the TR-808 this year, with the Puma x Roland RS-0/RS-100 sneakers and limited edition vinyl with Serato all on offer.

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