Roland announces the TD-07KV affordable mesh head-equipped V-Drums kit

With the effects of 2020 driving many of us indoors for longer periods of time, electronic drums have never proved themselves to be as popular as right now, and Roland has just made things even more appealing with the announcement of its TD-07KV - its new affordable electronic drum set aimed at beginners and intermediate players.

Based around the TD-07 module, the TD-07KV comes packing a host of features that Roland hasn’t offered in this combination, at this price point before. As well as offering Roland’s dual-ply mesh heads across the snare and toms, the TD-07 includes a KD-10 bass drum pad (which can accommodate any regular single or double-pedal), a pair of choke-able CY-8 cymbal pads and a 10-inch CY5 hi-hat pad. Plus, there’s a spare trigger input for expanding the kit with an extra crash cymbal too.

Inside the TD-07 module, there are 50 preset kits: spanning everything from jazz, roack and metal to contemporary electronic sounds and percussion. As well as sound-editing features such as tuning and dampening there are effects on-board too, with individual EQ controls for each pad, Roland’s Overhead Mic Simulator and Room ambience controls, plus a multi-fx processor containing 30 different effect types.

Plug in and start drumming today!

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But it doesn’t end there, because the TD-07 module also comes packing Audio/MIDI USB connectivity for hooking up to your computer, Bluetooth for cable-free jamming (although there’s a mini-jack input too) with songs and backing tracks from your phone, and five Coach functions to help you develop your timing and accuracy around the kit.

Each TD-07KV ships with 40 free drum lessons via the Melodics desktop app, which gives you the ability to start learning beats and fills as well as working on your core timing skills and record yourself to chart your progress.

The TD-07KV is available now, with a full retail price of £923/€1049/$999. 

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