NAMM 2022: Martin announces Rich Robinson Custom signature D-28 acoustic guitar

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NAMM 2022: The Martin D-28 is the ideal songwriter's companion so it makes sense Rich Robinson's 1954 model passed down from his father is the basis for his signature acoustic guitar. But it's also a first for Martin too. 

The company have never replicated a guitar for a signature model to this level of aesthetic detail before; down to the wear and tear from decades in the Robinson family and writing Black Crowes songs.  

Robinson calls the model The Appalachian in homage to his father, who played it onstage at the legendary Grand Ole Opry as a traveling musician with the Hillbilly Highway and in his folk band, The Appalachians, during the 1950s and ‘60s. 

“This guitar, which was passed down to me from my father, is the instrument I learned to play guitar on,” says Robinson. “It is the instrument on which I wrote our songs, and I played on every Black Crowes’ record. When Martin approached me about a signature model, I thought, what an amazing tribute to have for him. That's why I named it "The Appalachian," a nod to my dad and his influence on me.”


(Image credit: Martin)

The way that it sings, the way that it all presents itself, it's just phenomenal, and I couldn't be happier with it

The guitar's recreation as a production model took a year of development but Robinson is delighted with the results. 

“When I play this guitar, it rings: it feels incredibly accurate, so close to the original,” adds Robinson. “I wanted to make sure it had the same tuners, the same style of neck, and the same bridge. The way that it sings, the way that it all presents itself, it's just phenomenal, and I couldn't be happier with it.”

The Appalachian aged satin-finished East Indian rosewood for the back and sides and an aged Sitka spruce top that is finished with a very thin vintage gloss. 

This D-28 features rearward-shifted non-scalloped bracing for 'a very balanced tone and added volume'. Martin’s signature dovetail neck joint, hide glue construction, an ebony fingerboard and bridge, and aged nickel tuners remain true to its '50s origins.

Robinson also requested a bridge with the wings slightly softened for comfort. The $6,999 model includes a specially designed label signed by Robinson and the guitars will be numbered in sequence. 

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