New Remoter plugin enables you to stream audio direct from your DAW to your phone

It’s common practice to check your mixes on as many devices as possible - earbuds, phone/laptop speakers, car stereo, etc - but it can involve several rounds of bouncing down audio, listening and amending.

Sheaf’s Remoter is a new plugin that’s designed to speed this process up, as it promises to stream audio directly from your DAW to any connected device with a web browser. Insert the plugin, start the server, scan the QR code on your device and you should be good to go.

There’s support for lossless audio streaming, and also a highest-bitrate Opus encoded streaming option (though not currently on iOS). One thing to bear in mind is that lossless streaming may not work in some browsers or be removed in the future, at which point this feature would cease to work. What happens then isn’t made clear.

More positively, Sheaf says that latency is low enough for you to make mix adjustments in real-time - you can configure the buffer size to find the right balance between latency and stability. What’s more, multiple connections are possible, so several people could be listening to a mix on their phone/earbuds simultaneously. 

If you want to test Remoter’s performance and compatibility, you can download a trial version that works in mono and goes silent every 30 seconds. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU formats, and a full licence costs €20.

Find out more on the Sheaf website.

Ben Rogerson

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