PRS debuts a new body shape with the Fiore – a sumptuous new signature model for Mark Lettieri

PRS Fiore
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GEAR 2021: Versatility is the watchword as PRS's launches a new signature electric guitar for Mark Lettieri. The Fiore – Italian for "flower" – is an aesthetically pleasing doublecut with an HSS pickup configuration custom-wound to Lettieri's specifications.

Like John Mayer's Silver Sky, which receives a new limited edition Lunar Ice finish for 2021, the Fiore has a bolt-on, maple neck, 22-fret maple 'board, and a Fender-esque 25.5" scale. But this is quite a different instrument. 

For starters, the Fiore features an all-new body shape for PRS. Carved from solid swamp ash, it has contoured cutaways that look like they'll improve upper-fret access. 

Players need a vibrant, dynamic guitar that becomes a free space in which their personality can unfold. PRS and I designed Fiore to be this guitar

Special attention was afforded to the pickups. Occupying the bridge position, the Fiore-H humbucker is wound to balance high-gain power and output with smoothness, while PRS promises that the Fiore-S single-coils in the middle and neck positions offer bright, articulate and dynamic tones. And there is plenty of room for manoeuvre if you are looking for in-between tones.

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The pickups are selected via a 5-way switch, and controlled by a volume and two tone controls. Both tone controls have push/pull functions to give you some extra options.

Elsewhere, there is a two-point steel tremolo, vintage-style tuners, and a truss rod cover that is engraved with a flower logo that was designed by Lettieri's mother.

“All guitarists have a sound in their head – a sound that evolves and grows as they progress, discovering all of the beautiful idiosyncrasies that define their individual voice,“ said Lettieri. “To facilitate this process, players need a vibrant, dynamic guitar that becomes a free space in which their personality can unfold. PRS and I designed Fiore to be this guitar.” 

The PRS Fiore is offered in a choice of three colours – a deep red Amaryllis, Black Iris and Sugar Moon white. All are finished using PRS's Nitro over Cellulose (CAB) process.

All ship with a deluxe padded gig-bag and should be with retailers and ready to ship come May 2021.

See PRS Guitars for more information.

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