Paul Gilbert and Positive Grid unveil special limited run Spark Mini packed with the shred icon’s “firebreathing rock tone”

Positive Grid Spark Mini Paul Gilbert limited edition
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Paul Gilbert and Positive Grid have joined forces for a limited run of signature Spark Mini digital practice amps refinished in white Tolex covering with gold piping and a custom dragon design on the grille clothe.

The dragon is not just a nod to Gilbert’s recent tribute to Ronnie James Dio, The Dio Album, it’s an indicator of the sort of electric guitar tones you can dial in on this small but mighty digital amp, and with five downloadable presets designed by Gilbert, you can nail Gilbert’s tone as you attempt to replicate his hyper-kinetic rock style –  a less achievable feat.

“Spark MINI gives me fire breathing rock tone as a starting point,” said Gilbert. “From there, I can use the collection of amp and pedal models to customise my own tones. From sparkling chorused clean, to distortion with perfect delay and reverb, to punchy blues with a touch of grit, Spark Mini delivers the goods!”

We would agree. The regular Spark Mini received five-stars in MusicRadar’s review, in which we described the amp as “a fantastic sounding mini modelling amp with an app experience that widens the scope for players of all levels to improve their playing and explore sounds.”

Each of the Paul Gilbert Spark Minis comes signed by the man himself. As with the Zakk Wylde Spark Mini O'Doom, they are only making 100 of these, so you’ve got to be quick off the mark when they are launched. Sign up at Positive Grid and you will get an email as soon as they are available to order from the amp modeller specialist. The Paul Gilbert Spark Mini is priced £279/$299. 

That might seem like a lot for such a small guitar amp but that straightforward three-dial control panel belies the amount of features on offer here – particularly when you hook it up with accompanying mobile app.

Many of the features that made the Spark 40 such a hit for Positive Grid have migrated to this more compact platform. 

Use the app to access Smart Jam, which can create custom bass and drum backing tracks for you, supply you with a ready made track, or source a third-party accompaniment from YouTube to enhance your practice sessions.

Positive Grid Spark Mini Paul Gilbert limited edition

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Despite its compact frame, the 10-watt Spark Mini offers stereo performance from a pair of 2” drivers and a passive ‘radiator’ driver for handling the low end. And it’s the sort of guitar amp that is so small you could take it travelling, using it as both guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker – Gilbert uses his in his hotel room when out on tour – or take it to the office.

All in, you’ve got some 30-plus amp models, and you can purchase more, 48 effects, a USB-C output for recording, with Positive Grid’s BIAS Tone Engine powering everything under the hood.

Head over to Positive Grid for more information – and of course to stick your name down on the list for when these go live on the site. After that, go grab yourself a double-neck Ibanez and a Makita drill and you are ready for going full Paul Gilbert.

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