If you can describe it, you can sample it: Output's AI-powered Pack Generator will instantly generate a free sample pack based on your prompts

Output has announced the launch of Co-Producer, a suite of generative AI tools that promises to "supercharge human creativity in music-making". 

The first product in the Co-Producer family is Pack Generator, which enables anyone to instantly create a unique royalty-free sample pack based on a description entered by the user. Matching, combining and resynthesizing new samples from Output's royalty-free library of sounds, Pack Generator is aimed at helping music-makers discover new ideas quickly and easily, rather than spend hours hunting for the right samples. 

Pack Generator, currently in its beta version, is available to use through a browser-based portal on Output's website. Using the platform is as simple as typing in a description that captures the sounds you'd like to hear in the sample pack. These text descriptions, or prompts, can specify anything from key and tempo to moods and genres; you're even able to ask for samples that are based on a specific artist's style or appropriate for a certain event or occasion.

Once you've entered the prompt (or generated a random one) Pack Generator will present you with four sample packs, accompanied by four preview tracks that showcase the sounds in each pack. Once you've listened to the previews you're free to download any of the four or re-generate another set of sample packs until you find what you're looking for. 

Each pack contains 30 royalty-free samples and the stems for the preview track, all of which can be dropped into any DAW to be sampled in your productions.

“We are a company built by musicians so we are deeply connected to the cultural conflict between AI’s capabilities and our own creativity,” says Gregg Lehrman, producer, composer and Output CEO. 

“We believe that AI can enable us all to spend more time making music and less time dealing with mundane tasks like searching for sounds, for example. Technology should never take away from the creative process for those that want it.”

Output says that more Co-Producer AI music creation tools are planned for next year, so watch this space. In the meantime, if you're after free music samples that haven't been generated by AI, head over to SampleRadar, where we have almost 100,000. 

Find out more about Co-Producer on Output's website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

I'm the Tech Editor for MusicRadar, working across everything from artist interviews to product news to tech tutorials. I love electronic music and I'm endlessly fascinated by the tools we use to make it. When I'm not behind my laptop keyboard, you'll find me behind a MIDI keyboard, carefully crafting the beginnings of another project that I'll ultimately abandon to the creative graveyard that is my overstuffed hard drive.

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