Novation’s Launchpads offer plug and play control of Logic Pro X 10.5’s Live Loops

Novation’s Launchpads offer plug-n-play control of Logic Pro X 10.5’s Live Loops
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In Logic Pro X 10.5, Apple’s DAW finally gets a non-linear sequencing option in the form of Live Loops, an Ableton Live-style project view that enables you to trigger clips and scenes and record your jams in the main timeline.

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Apple Logic Pro X 10.5 review

However, while a lot of focus has been put on the fact that Live Loops can be fired off using the Logic Remote app on your iPhone or iPad - which is great fun, by the way - what you might not know is that you can do exactly the same with your Novation Launchpad, and all without any tedious setup process.

The good news is that the vast majority of Launchpads will work: Launchpad Original, Launchpad S, Launchpad MK2/RGB, Launchpad Mini MK1, Launchpad Mini MK2, Launchpad Mini MK3, Launchpad Pro MK1 and Launchpad X. In fact, it looks like the only incompatible model right now is the new Launchpad Pro MK3, but we’re assuming that this will be addressed.

To use your Launchpad with Live Loops, just plug it in and wait for the Logic Control Surface Setup window to appear. Then it’s just a case of rotating your ‘pad through 90 degrees to match the layout of the Live Loops grid (unlike in Ableton Live, which the Launchpad was originally designed for, loops are displayed horizontally rather than vertically). You can adjust the setup so that you can rotate either left or right, and it’s even possible to connect multiple Launchpads.

It should be as simple as that, but you can find out more on the Novation website.

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