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Nils Frahm releases surprise ‘secret’ album for Piano Day 2021: why not celebrate by learning to play?

Nils Frahm
(Image credit: Erased Tapes)

Having founded the event back in 2015, experimental ivory tinkler Nils Frahm has released a surprise new album for Piano Day 2021.

Timed to mark the 88th day of the year, Piano Day celebrates all that’s good about the beloved keyboard instrument, which has been the focus of Frahm’s recording career for well over a decade. 

It turns out that the ‘new’ album, Graz, actually dates from 2009, and was his first for the Erased Tapes label. However, it never saw the light of day; Frahm instead decided to focus on the close-mic’d, dampened piano pieces that ended up forming the basis of 2011 album Felt.

Despite having a more natural grand piano sound, Graz, is still distinctively Frahm, though more tonally conventional than some of his recorded outings.

If the album inspires you to learn to play the piano, check out the beginner lessons below, which will help you get started.

Graz is available to stream now, with physical editions available from 21 May. 

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