"One of the largest collections of music production software in the world": Native Instruments unveils NI 360 subscription platform

(Image credit: NI)

Native Instruments has announced the launch of a new subscription platform that gives music-makers access to software instruments from its Komplete collection, along with plugins from iZotope and Brainworx.

NI 360 is a tiered subscription platform with three pricing options, Essentials ($15/month), Plus ($25/month) and Pro ($50/month). Each tier offers a different selection of products, with Essentials giving producers access to 50 plugins and the Pro tier offering more than 130 instruments and effects. 

All three tiers feature some of NI's biggest hits, including Massive X, Battery 4, and the Trash distortion plugin. Also included are many of iZotope's well-respected mixing tools; the Essentials tier features basic versions of Neutron 4, Nectar 4 and Ozone 11, while higher tiers give you access to the pro versions. Find a full list of what's included in each tier here.

The platform will replace Komplete Now, NI's existing $10/month subscription service offering a suite of music production tools that included Massive X and Battery. Existing subscribers to Komplete Now will be automatically upgraded to the Essentials tier and given one year at the same price they're currently paying ($9.99/month). 

Once a subscription to NI 360 is cancelled, you'll lose access to its instruments and effects, but your settings and presets will be preserved in the state they were last saved in. Audio will continue to pass through effects plugins and instruments will operate for 15 minutes on opening, so you'll be able to access projects using plugins from your NI 360 subscription even after cancelling. 

Native Instruments' subscription platform will not be replacing perpetual licenses (a model that Waves tried and failed to implement last year) and all Native Instruments products can still be purchased by themselves.

NI 360 is being 'soft launched' this month, while Native Instruments focuses on gathering user feedback and ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform. A limited number of users will be able to access NI 360 before the full launch later this year.

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