NAMM 2020: Gretsch introduces CS2 Catalina Special Edition kit

Gretsch Catalina CS2 Catalina Special Edition kit with wood hoops
Gretsch Catalina CS2 Catalina Special Edition kit with wood hoops (Image credit: Gretsch)

NAMM 2020: Gretsch has made a new addition to its Full Range line with the introduction of the rather retro-looking Catalina CS2 Special Edition Kit. 

Each shell features seven-ply walnut/maple construction and features wood hoops in a satin finish, complete with vintage-style claws for the tension rods. 
The rack tom holder is mounted direct to the shell, while the bass drum features a classic Gretsch ‘gas cap’ mounting plate. 

Furthering the retro appeal of the kit is the staple Gretsch 30-degree bearing edges and internal silver sealer. Each drum will also be labelled inside with its year of manufacture and wood species.

The CS2 Catalina Special Edition is available in Walnut Burst Gloss finish, and comes in an 18”x14”/12”x8”/14”x14”/14”x5.5” ‘bop’ configuration (pictured), or as a five-piece, one-up-two-down 22”x14”/12”x8”/14”x14”/16”x16”/14”x6.5” setup.

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