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NAMM 2020: Behringer brings back Roland’s System 100M modular synth in Eurorack format

NAMM 2020: Behringer has opened its NAMM account with the announcement of the System 100 Eurorack modules - recreations of Roland’s classic System 100M modules from the mid-’70s.

These promise authentic emulations of the original circuitry, so we’re looking at “ultra-fat oscillators and creamy filters”. Behringer says that, together, they give you massive sound sculpting potential and offer extensive patching capabilities.

Here’s the list of what’s going to be available:

  • 112 dual oscillator with 3 waveforms, PWM and two sync modes
  • 121 dual filter with 3-channel mixer per filter
  • 130 dual VCA, again with dual 3-channel mixers
  • 140 dual envelope has 3 outputs per ADSR plus a built in LFO that can be triggered and phase synced
  • 173 gates module comes even with four gates that can switch audio and 6 quad buffered multiples
  • 297 has a dual portamento controller plus two independent CV mixers
  • 150 brings a ring modulator, 2 noise generators, syncable LFO and a sample and hold generator
  • 172 module delivers a 6-step phase-shifter, an analog delay, an LFO and a gate delay
  • 305 is an output module a four-band parametric EQ, a 4-channel mixer, line and separate headphone output and even a tuning oscillator
  • 182 there is a powerful analog sequencer with either dual 8 steps or 1-16 steps and tempo, portamento and gate time controls
  • 110 is a complete synth voice with VCO, VCA and filter in a single modules

As yet, there are no further details on the Behringer website, but we’ll keep you posted.

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