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Mutable Instruments says that it won’t develop any new Eurorack modules and that all existing ones will be discontinued

Mutable Instruments Beads
(Image credit: Future)

Acclaimed French Eurorack developer Mutable Instruments has seemingly confirmed that it won’t be producing any more modules, and that all existing ones will be discontinued in due course.

Writing on the company forum (opens in new tab), company founder Émilie Gillet (posting under the name pichenettes), said: “No new module is in preparation. Beads is the last module I designed, back in 2019.

“Existing modules are going to be discontinued one after the other, when depends on hard to predict supply, production and sales patterns.”

No specific reason has been given for the decision, but in a further post, Gillet added: “I won’t design new modules and production is progressively stopping. Modules are marked as discontinued when the last shipment is sent to dealers. I can’t predict when it happens as it depends on how fast a batch is made, and how fast it gets sold. It might happen in a week, in a month or in a quarter. There is no easter egg, no plot twist, no teaser.”

Mutable has released a series of classic modules down the years, including Plaits, Marbles and Rings. The good news is that, because these are open-source, other manufacturers will be able to use their software in new hardware and software products (in fact, this has already happened) so it’s highly likely that the Mutable Instruments spirit will live on.

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