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Musikmesse 2017: Pons Guitars' body-swapping Revolution

MUSIKMESSE 2017: When it's not busy crafting guitars from skateboards, as seen at NAMM this year, Barcelona-based Pons Guitars' spends its time coming up with innovative ideas like its new Revolution range, touted as the world's first guitar with interchangeable bodies.

The range is made up of two 'cores' and six body shapes. Either of the cores will fit any of the body shapes, so you can instantly swap your Strat-style outer for a Flying V  or Les Paul look, should the need arise. 

We don't have a confirmed price yet, but stay tuned as we're hoping to get hands-on with the Pons Revolution concept at Musikmesse.

In the meantime, for more details (and another look at those Skate guitars), head over to the Pons Guitars website now.