Music Is Win's Tyler Larson plays Eric Clapton's 1954 'Slowhand' Strat before it goes to auction

Ah the life of a hugely successful US guitar YouTuber… when auction houses call you up to come over and play Eric Clapton's 1954 'Slowhand' Strat before it's auctioned off on 25 November. Now the rest of us can experience the thrill of it vicariously through Tyler Larson's latest video for his Music Is Win channel. 

According to the video, Clapton was the last person to play the hardtail Strat and Larson even gets to play it with one of Eddie Van Halen's guitar picks. And of course he plays Clapton classics Wonderful Tonight, Crossroads and Layla on it! 

Will the guitar actually fetch the $1.5 million Larson's title suggests? It's certainly possible after what we saw with David Gilmour's Black Strat last year.

Larson is certainly ticking off a guitar wishlist. He got to play a 1960 Gibson Les Paul last year too…

For more, check out Music Is Win's YouTube channel

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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