MuLab 8 brings flexible audio, timestretching and workflow enhancements to the underdog DAW

You may not be very aware of MuLab, but this cross-platform DAW from MuTools, makers of the MUX Modular plugin, came twelfth in our annual poll of The World's Best DAWs this year.

At version 7, the DAW could count audio and MIDI support, a flexible tracks and sub-tracks system, a modular architecture, and integrated instruments among its core feature set.

The release of version 8 sees the introduction of "creative time stretching and pitch shifting", more flexible operation when working with audio, and other tweaks to aid workflow.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about MuLab is the price. With a €69 charge for entry, this is a DAW that's at least worth checking out at the MuTools website.