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Mr Black's family of small format pedals grows as the Mini Tremolo is unveiled

(Image credit: Mr Black)

Mr Black sure has been busy downsizing the size of its guitar effects pedals of late. This past few months we have seen the Mini Octaves , the Mini Reverb, the Mini Vintage Chorus and Mini Echo-Delay waltzing off the Papa Black R&D workbench and onto our pedalboards. 

And now here comes the Mini Tremolo. 

It follows a similar format to Mr Black's other mini guitar effects and offers vintage tremolo tones with harmonic vibrato controls for further texturing your wobble with the sort of Leslie-esque tones you might be able to dial in on, say, a pre-CBS Fender Super. 

It is a helluva a lot cheaper, too. 

The controls are super simple: Intensity for the tremolo effect's depth/strength; Harmonics for dialling in harmonic vibrato; and Speed for setting the rate of the effect.

The Mini Tremolo is handmade in Portland, Oregon, is true bypass, takes a 9VDC input, and it's so small you can be pretty sure you can find the space for it.

You can pre-order the Mini Tremolo here at an introductory price of $99.95 (£85, €95 approx). 

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