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Mr Black keeps it smart and simple with the Mini Reverb universal reverberator

Mr Black Mini Reverb pedal
(Image credit: Mr Black)

Mr Black is continuing its run of rather-desirable mini pedals with the Mini Reverb universal reverberator.

Despite featuring just three controls - wet/dry, tone and decay - the Mini Reverb promises to cover reverb tones from ’50s-style studio plate, to concert halls and endless caves.

Designer Jack DeVille reckons it’s the ideal pedal for anyone who wants a tiny reverb without all the bells and whistles of other units.

The pedal draws just 60mA - pretty low for a reverb - and is daisy-chain friendly, while it features true bypass switching.

The Mini Reverb is available now from Mr Black for $99.95.

It follows the Mini Echo-Delay and Mini Chorus in the company’s new handmade mini-pedal line.

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