Millenium's new MPS-750X Pro Mesh electronic drum set offers full-shells for under £800

Millenium MPS-750X Pro Mesh electronic drum set with real drum shells
(Image credit: Millenium Drums)

Millenium - the Thomann-owned manufacturer of electronic drums and percussion — has announced the release of its new MPS-750X Pro Mesh, an electronic drum set complete with full-size shells, mesh heads and more, and at first glance, it appears Very Affordable Indeed.

The hybrid acoustic shell/electronic innards market has grown massively since the 2020 introduction of Roland’s stellar VAD series kits, offering drummers the familiarity and playability of full-size drums combined with the flexibility and quiet-practice convenience of electronics.

The MPS-750 Pro Mesh isn’t Millenium’s first rodeo when it comes to putting triggers inside real-feeling drums, and we were impressed by the Millenium MPS-1000’s £1000-busting price tag. But now, millenium is lowering the bar further by delivering a five-piece kit, with crash and ride cymbals, acoustic stand-mounted hi-hats and all the hardware you need to hang it off for just under £800.

Now, it’s not without concessions, because here the bass drum is a smaller, bop-sized 18”X14” kick drum. It’s joined by equal-depth 10”x6” and 12”x6” rack toms, and a 14”x14” floor tom. 

All of the toms are dual-zone, and the kit also comes with a slightly smaller 13”x5.5” snare pad. Cymbal-wise, there’s a one-piece 13” hi-hat, and we get a 15” crash plus 18”, three-zone ride cymbal, with both cymbal pads offering choke functionality.

The kit is built around the MPS-750X drum module, which comes loaded with 697 sounds, arranged into 20 preset kits with a further 20 user kit slots. There are volume faders for each drum, built-in effects and a global four-band EQ. Alongside the sounds, Millenium has equipped the MPS-750 with two additional pad inputs, Bluetooth, and a USB MIDI interface, which also allows access to Millenium’s free Kit Editor for computer-based setup of your own kits.

Hardware-wise, the MPS-750X Pro Mesh comes with two boom stands, a double-tom holder (bass drum-mounted), snare stand, hi-hat stand, module clamp/holder and bass drum pedal, meaning that you just need to add a throne and sticks.

The Millenium MPS-750X Pro Mesh is available now. For more information visit the Millenium website.

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