Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro promises the most authentic Mellotron emulation on iOS

The Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro from Omenie has been developed with Streetly, the original creators of the Mellotron, and as such, is touted as being the “most authentic Mellotronics experience for your iPhone and iPad.”

The iOS app involves the use of Streetly’s original production master tapes, which also come with its $8k M4000 model, as part of the 90 tapes that are included with Streetlytron Pro (see the complete voice list below).

Every control is accessible via MIDI, or you can perform via the on-screen three-octave keyboard. The Streetlytron features a “gorgeous, silky-smooth, ultra-musical reverb unit”, that promises to generate “immense spaces”. You’re also afforded eight programmable preset slots, voice selection, detune, pitch and tone controls.

Virtual MIDI, AudioBus and Inter-App Audio are all supported in Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro, which is available on the App Store now for $24.99/£23.99.

There are no in-app purchases, but this does mean you will need 1.7GB free on your chosen device for the installation.

Streetlytron Pro complete voice list


  • M300A Violins
  • M300B Violin 
  • MKII 3 Violins
  • Harry 3 Violins
  • String Section
  • Soft String Section
  • New String Section
  • Sad Strings 
  • Cello
  • Two Cellos Paravicini
  • Three Cellos Louise
  • Pizzi Cello
  • Orchestra
  • Watcher Mix

Vox Humana

  • Eight Voice Choir 
  • Boys Choir
  • Female Choir
  • Male Choir
  • Russian Choir
  • Birotron Choir
  • Female Solo
  • Harry Male Solo


  • MKII Brass
  • GC3 Brass
  • Miller Brass
  • 2 Trombone 2 Trumpet
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Harry Open Trombone
  • Harry Muted Trombone
  • MKI French Horn


  • MKII Flute
  • MKI Clarinet
  • Cor Anglais
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Tenor Sax
  • 2 Alto 2 Tenor
  • Harry Alto Sax
  • Harry Bass Clarinet
  • Harry Four Saxes
  • Woodwind 


  • MKII Piano
  • Harry Piano
  • Harpsichord 
  • Harry Accordion


  • Church Organ
  • Wilden Organ
  • St Just in Roseland Gamba+Celeste
  • St Just in Roseland Gamba+Lieblich
  • St Just in Roseland Swell 8' + 4' + 2
  • St Just in Roseland Swell Reeds
  • St Just in Roseland Great 8' + 4' + 2
  • St Just in Roseland Great Organ (no Brass)
  • St Just in Roseland Full Organ


  • Celeste
  • Vibes
  • Harry Vibes
  • Harry Marimba

Plucked strings/Guitars 

  • MKII Elec Gtr
  • Hawaiian Guitar
  • MKII Mandolin
  • Harry Mandolin

Caitlin Downie Soprano Voice 

  • Mmm soft
  • Aah soft
  • Aah Mezzo
  • Aah Forte
  • Eee Mezzo
  • Eee Forte
  • Ooh Mezzo
  • Ooh Forteh
  • Staccato Aah
  • Staccato Eee
  • Staccato Ooh
  • Ensemble Soft
  • Ensemble Mezzo
  • Ensemble Forte
  • Ensemble Staccato

Clare Lindley Violin Collection 

  • Bow Soft
  • Bow Soft Vibrato
  • Bow No Vibrato
  • Bow Vibrato
  • Bow Tremolo
  • Bow Ensemble Soft
  • Bow Ensemble
  • Bow Ensemble Vibrato
  • Spiccato
  • Pizzicato


  • Rhodes
  • Harp Arpeggios
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