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Massive savings on Krotos plugins at Plugin Boutique - it's a sound designers' delight

Krotos Black Friday bundle deals
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Any sound designers worth their salts are aware of the fine work done by the developers at Krotos. These fine purveyors of tools for post-production and game audio engineers have plugins slashed in half at Plugin Boutique this Cyber Weekend. These post-Black Friday plugin deals are bound to get any sound artist's creative juices flowing.

The picks of the bunch are the bundled offers which include the Everything Bundle 2 which, as the name suggests, is the whole Krotos collection of plugins which is now 49% off at £1,995,95. However, there are some cheaper deals to be had too.

The biggest savings can be found in both Sound Design and Sound Design 2 bundles, with 50% taken off the full price, now £439.96 and £920.95 respectively.

The Sound Design bundle includes the Dehumaniser 2, Weaponiser Fully Loaded and Reformer Pro plugins, whereas the Sound Design 2 bundle adds to these with the inclusion of Igniter Full Tank. You're also treated to extra bundled sample content in both offers too.

Krotos Everything Bundle 2: was £2,399

Krotos Everything Bundle 2: was £2,399, now £1,995,95
Get your hands on the complete collection of sound design tools from Krotos and save over £1,000 this Cyber Weekend. The collection includes both versions of Dehumaniser, fully-loaded versions of Weaponiser and Igniter, Reformer Pro, Concept 2 and Simple Concept plugins. Buy now from Plugin Boutique and save yourself 49%.

Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2: was £1,842, now £920.95

Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2: was £1,842, now £920.95
Improving on the original Sound Design Bundle with the addition of Igniter Full Tank, you now have a full vehicular audio toolset at your disposal. This pack of plugins with Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded and Dehumaniser 2  already included is 50% off, nearly saving you a grand.

Krotos Sound Design Bundle: was £880.80

Krotos Sound Design Bundle: was £880.80, now £439.96
For the more cost-conscious sound designers who find themselves only needing character-based sound design tools, the Krotos Sound Design Bundle is ideal with its inclusion of Dehumaniser 2, Weaponiser Fully Loaded and Reformer Pro.

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