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Learn semi-tone guitar slides and string rakes with two lessons from Chris Buck

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We're big fans of Chris Buck's emotive playing – and so are a lot of other people too, judging by the fact the young Welshman won last year's Best Blues Guitarist poll (opens in new tab).

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Chris Buck's 5 ways to unlock the neck (opens in new tab)

Chris was typically humble (opens in new tab) about that, and the Buck & Evans guitarist continues to work hard to share his knowledge with others, while evolving as a player.  

He's a great teacher as these two new lessons with Fender prove.

In the first he looks at playing semi-tones on his Fender American Ultra Strat (opens in new tab) – what Chris calls "half-step slides". They're a key part of his signature expressive style and his approach is actually inspired by vocalists, including the late Whitney Houston. 

In the second it's another key part of his live performance – string raking. 

Check them out below. 

Half-step slides

String rakes

To find out more about Chris Buck's music visit (opens in new tab)

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