L-Acoustics and JH Audio have collaborated on high-end in-ear monitors for personal and pro-audio use

L-Acoustics Contour XO
(Image credit: L-Acoustics)

L-Acoustics and JH Audio have pooled their R&D resources to develop the Contour XO Limited Edition in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Designed for use in the studio, on the move or at home by pros and amateur audiophiles alike, the Contour XO IEMs have a handcrafted build, featuring an array of 10 balanced armature drivers with 3-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid, and quad high configuration.

The IEMs have an input sensitivity of 116dB, a frequency range of 10Hz to 20kHz and a variable bass control that allows the user to dial in 15dB of low end.

The Contour XO IEMs are powered by JH Audio's Soundrive tech, which is tuned to perfectly articulate the dynamics in a concert performance. Freqphase enhances the performance further, ensuring that all the frequencies are delivered at the same time – again, adding a forensic level of detail.

L-Acoustics Contour XO

(Image credit: L-Acoustics)

JH Audio's Jerry Harvey and Dr Christian Heil of L-Acoustics are the brains behind the project. Harvey, who designed IEMs for Alex Van Halen, and said the Contour XO brings the quality of an L-Acoustics PA to wearable format. 

”Contour XO achieves pocket-size portability for our sonic signature, earning the same golden logo that adorns our PAs around the world,” said Dr Heil. "I was impressed by the jeweler-like precision with which JH Audio could tune to match our frequency contour in such a miniaturized enclosure.”

The Contour XO is available as a universal or custom fit set. The universal set is €1,620, with an additional extra $340 for the custom fit.

See L-Acoustics for more details.

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