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Keys & Frequencies synth show schedule confirmed - don't miss a thing

Keys & Frequencies, a one-day synth-fest, is powering up this Saturday, and now, we can reveal the full schedule for the bleepy blowout, which will feature an all-live mix of performances, tips, talks, showcases and exclusive demos from big brands.

Look Mum No Computer

Excitingly, performers and presenters will be revealing a series of voucher codes throughout the day, which you can then use to secure discounts at Thomann.

And, it's all free. "The Keys & Frequencies event is designed to offer a live platform to anyone interested in synthesizers and related topics," says Thomann. "You can get together, talk shop, connect and forge long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships."

A slew of live interviews, sessions and workshops hosted by big YouTube big beasts like LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, DivKid and Doctor mix will feature alongside a stream of appearances by artists including Mathew Jonson, Radioslave and Rebekah. 

To sign up and learn more about the event, which is live this Saturday March 27, check out the video above and head over to the Thomann's Keys & Frequencies blog now.

Ready to sign-up? Head over to the Run The World Keys & Frequencies page.

The full Keys & Frequencies schedule

(Image credit: Thomann)

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