Kemper announces new lightweight Kone Neo 12-inch speaker

Kemper Kone Neo and Kabinet
(Image credit: Kemper)

Amp modelling pioneer Kemper has announced their super light Kone Neo 12-inch speaker is available to order now.

The new neodymium magnet Kone Neo supersedes the existing Kone units as featured in the Kemper Kabinets.

Specifically designed for use with the Profiler and utilising Kemper’s unique "speaker tone mining" technology, the Kemper Kones make it possible to digitally imprint various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet.

Loaded with Kemper Kones/Kone Neos, the Kemper Kabinets provide a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints for Kemper Profiler PowerRacks and PowerHeads.

Kemper Kone Neo

(Image credit: Kemper)

By replacing the conventional magnet with a modern lightweight neodymium magnet, Kemper’s new Kone Neo speaker is around 1.5 kilograms lighter than before – a significant reduction in weight, especially when it comes to 2x12 and 4x12 cabs.

Designed exclusively in collaboration with industry legends Celestion, the Kemper Kone Neo is a full-range speaker controlled and driven by the Profiler’s processor using a special algorithm.

Unlike regular full-range PA or monitor speakers, the Kemper Kone Neo is geared towards the sound of classic guitar speakers and allows “speaker imprints” of some of the coolest sounding units in guitar amp history.

Kemper Kone Neo

(Image credit: Kemper)

By activating the Profiler’s Monitor CabOff function, the Kemper Kone Neo is switched from full-range mode to the Speaker Imprint Mode.

This allows selection of one of the 19 classic guitar speakers, providing a realistic “amp-in-the-room” experience.

At the same time, music fed into the Profiler’s Aux Input can be played back in (non-Imprinted) full-range mode.

Pairing the right speaker/cab with an amp makes all the difference and the Kemper Kabinet and Kone models offer a great way to find your ideal guitar tone.

Kemper’s new Kone Neo is available as a single unit and in two- and four-speaker sets (for 2x12 and 4x12 guitar cabinets).

Visit the Kemper website for more information.

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