Get even closer to the Jupiter-8 with the latest update to Roland's Jupiter-X and Xm synthesizers

Roland has announced the arrival of the latest update for its current Jupiter-X and Xm synthesizers, with version 3.0 now bringing the classic Jupiter-8 to the fore with a new model in the Zen-Core system.

Taking centre stage in the preset stakes is the new 'Jupiter-X' model (which you can hear in the video above) and this particular improvement to the sound engine has been designed with the principle aim of "achieving the ideal analogue synthesizer configuration".

You're getting four oscillators with seven different waveform types with pan and delay added to the oscillators for even more expressive control over the vintage style of synthesis.

Roland Jupiter-X

(Image credit: Roland)

There are also slight changes to the I-Arpeggio feature on both synths, with tweaks to the settings including a Probability function, new preset sound content and the number of scenes and user tones doubled to 512.

Version 3.0 also irons out a few minor bugs and further improvements to the interface to aid in getting the most out of both synths.

The updated Jupiter-8-centric model, while obviously aimed at the Jupiter-X, will also work for the Jupiter-Xm with a few tweaks to allow for the physical differences between the two synths.

The new system update is available now for all Jupiter-X and Xm users and more information can be found on the Jupiter-X Support pages and Roland website

Roland Jupiter-Xm

(Image credit: Roland)
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