It’s time to get experimental with the kNoB technology Muscarin semi modular analogue synth

Russian-based kNoB technology has refined its Muscarin semi modular analogue synth into what it believes to be the finished article and so has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling.

The synth’s architecture features additive and subtractive synthesis, capable of generating your standard fare of synth tones and sound effects, but with possibilities of converting those tones into more complex structured noises, courtesy of the cross-modulation functionality.

At its heart, the Muscarin features four VCOs with square wave and cross-modulation control "Bias". This can be controlled by CV full range linear, or 1V/oct (4-octave range; 32-500+Hz).

Also onboard is an LFO with square and triangular waveforms and an AR envelope generator, which can both receive an external gate signal, synchronise with the LFO and automatically generate an envelope.

The Muscarin includes five VCA circuits, one for each VCO, sitting before the filter, and one for the main output.

The Kickstarter campaign offers $10 and $50 perks that act as a deposit and get you a further percentage off the final price of one unit. $320 and $350 afford you the Eurorack and desktop versions of the Muscarin respectively, while $500 gets you the desktop version and unlocks an experimental, dual-analogue filter based on the Steiner-Parker VCF, with two inputs and two VCA. 

If you want to get involved then head on over to the Muscarin Kickstarter page, where you will also find more information and tutorial videos.

Muscarin I/O

  • 4x VCO frequency CV control
  • 4x VCA/Gate CV control
  • 1x Main VCA/Gate CV control
  • 1x VCF cutoff CV control
  • 1x Bias (cross-modulation) CV control
  • 1x Envelope AR in
  • 1x External signal in
  • 1x Main out
  • 1x LFO out
  • 1x Envelope AR out
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