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This June we're helping you watch the pennies as we guide you through the plethora of freeware that computer musicians can enjoy in 2023. Whether you're looking for a synth, a drum machine or other instruments, or considering what options a bundle can offer, this list is all about quality and usability, so throughout the guide we'll teach you to spot the wheat from the chaff as you set out on your bargain hunt.

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Free Stuff!

With that in mind, the free headline plugin this month is DH Plugin's ROMpler-style synth Halo 2 Lite, masterminded by DnB duo DC Breaks' Dan Havers. The samples provide a range of basses, pads and leads that are perfect for those in the DnB genres and provides a great sneak peek of what you could be getting with the full version.

People and Places

This month's artists are unafraid to look to the future. Rising pop producer Gryffin is a great example of someone whose work exists in multiple dimensions, embracing live performances as much as studio work. And we take a deep dive into immersive audio with the artists featured on the new Immersive London compilation album and their boundary-defying experiments into what listening experiences will be like in years to come.

Inspiring Workshops

For Synth Masterclass, Dave Gale takes pad-gating to the next level, adding real-time control into the mix, and for this month's Mix Masterclass, Jon Musgrave adds a dash of punch to your mixes with snap compression.

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Trusted Reviews

Finally, it wouldn't be a complete issue without our usual new release review section and it's a bumper one at that, with verdicts on Steinberg HALion 7, Audient Evo Sp8, Rhodes V8, Gforce Minimonsta 2, Solid State Logic SSL12, Bleass Samplewiz 2, Excite Audio Vision 4x, Heavyocity Uncharted 88, Tone2 Rayblaster 2.9 and more. 

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