Harrison Consoles’ 'all-in-one' AVA Drum Flow plugin promises to help you hone your acoustic drum sound to perfection

Harrison Consoles AVA Drum Flow
(Image credit: Harrison Consoles)

Harrison Consoles’ AVA Drum Flow is an all-in-one plugin processor that’s designed specifically to improve your ‘real’ drum tone. It’s for producers who want to achieve maximum levels of punch without losing nuance.

You get six routable processing tools plus a master section, which Harrison describes as follows:

  • Drum Character: A unique equalizer that detects drum hit transients and allows for the attack and tail sections of the envelope to be EQed individually 
  • Expander/Gate: A versatile dynamics processor that can be used as either an expander or gate to tighten your drum sounds and remove bleed from other nearby drum mics
  • Signal Generator: Enhance your drum sounds with extra 'snap' or 'thump' by blending-in a gated noise or low-frequency tone.
  • Compressor: Harrison's full-featured console compressor with Ratio, Attack, Release, and Makeup controls
  • 32C Channel EQ: An emulation of Harrison’s renowned 32C channel strip EQ
  • Filters: High- and low- pass filters with selectable shapes.
  • Master Section: Includes controls for Routing,  Polarity,  Input Trim, and Output Trim.

Taken together, these processors are said to help you create a mix-friendly drum sound that’s “effortless, smooth and transparent”.

AVA Drum Flow runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. The full price is $179, but it’s currently available for $89.

Find out more on the Harrison Consoles website. 

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