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Yamaha teams up with Royal College of Art to create new instrument designs

Music Within - one of the design exhibits.
Music Within - one of the design exhibits.

PRESS RELEASE: Yamaha's has joined forces with students at the Design Products Department of The Royal College of Art to develop new concepts and devices that will allow much more intimate connections between musicians and audiences in live performance settings.

The Yamaha/RCA project entitled Resonance has already seen the development of a number of exciting concepts that will be premiered during the upcoming London Design Festival and be available to view between 17 and 24 September at Yamaha Music London - Chappell of Bond Street in Soho as part of the stores bicentenary celebrations.

On show will be a range new concept devices which develop the theme that musical performances not only stimulate and inspire the performer but can also encourage much wider audience participation, the exhibits reveal how this can be achieved.

Exhibits include Music Within which visually extends the instrument (in this case an acoustic guitar) out into the performance space. The audience experience is hugely enhanced by them being able to see the inside of the instrument during the show.

Touch The Sound explores how the human body can be used as a mediator between sound touch and emotion developing a new aspect to the relationship between performer and audience.

There's much more to see, hear and experience at Yamaha Music London throughout the Expo dates, it's a don't -miss event if you want a sneak preview into how musical instruments and live performance might look and feel in the future .

Information taken from official press release, for more visit London Design Festival.

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