Where will Oasis's Manchester 'super-gig' be?

Oasis: coming to a field near you
Oasis: coming to a field near you

We can all appreciate the sterling work Noel Gallagher has put into promoting Dig Out Your Soul. When he's not being shoved off stage in Canada, he's ripping off Cliff Richard, or someone else. Now, Noel's let the cat out of the bag about a little "super-gig" he's got planned for next summer.

Talking to the BBC, Gallagher explained the reason for missing out his hometown on the UK leg of the Dig Out Your Soul tour: "Because we've got a super-gig planned next summer in Manchester. Don't ask me anymore questions because I can't tell where it is. I bet if I gave you 500 guesses you'd never guess where it would be."

With a tongue planted firmly in cheek, Noel was asked whether Old Trafford was the venue: "See, now you're being silly."

Old Trafford

For the benefit of anyone who knows nothing about football (soccer?). Old Trafford is the home of Manchester United Football Club: arch rivals of the Gallagher brothers' favourite team Manchester City. Given the fact that Noel physically detests Manchester United, we think it's safe to rule that one out.

Oasis already played City's old home - Maine Road - in 1996, and the current City Of Manchester Stadium in 2005. So don't go betting on them, either.

Old Trafford Cricket Club

There is, of course, another Old Trafford. The Cricket Club of the same name was home to Arctic Monkeys' 'mini-festival': two sell-out shows at the 55,000 capacity. This has the makings of a good contender, but pales in comparison to Oasis' Knebworth appearances, where the band played to a staggering 375,000 fans over two nights.

If Noel's "you'll never guess" jibe is to be believed, it's also a bit too obvious.

The biggest field in Manchester

When all else fails, it's always worth asking the people who might know: the fans. And football-loving fans at that. A quick glance at the Football365 forum provides the most sensible suggestion we've seen so far: "So, the biggest field in the Greater Manchester area then."

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