The best of YouTube: #38

Hats, glasses, Kaoss, looping - it's all part of the act
Hats, glasses, Kaoss, looping - it's all part of the act

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching. This week there are Wiimotes, the White Album, a massive guitar shaped bicycle and... microphone fellatio?

Joe Bosso's choices

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Special Edition
On 22 November The Beatles' 'White Album' turns 40. To mark the occasion, revel in this extraordinary live performance featuring true rock royalty: George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Phil Collins and Jeff Lynne. Harrison's voice is a unique thing of beauty. And it's sheer guitar blisswhen he and good friend Clapton solo together at the end. JB

Cheap Trick's Surrender as played by Rich Martin
Time once again to expose some fresh talent. Here's Rich Martin from Iowa playing the drums to a song that never gets old. Rich is a remarkably gifted player, with a crisp, fluid style. He doesn't bonk a ghost note, fill or cymbal crash. The only thing missing here is Bun E. Carlos' cigarette (and word is, he's quit smoking, so there you go). JB

Michael Leonard's choices

A guitar lesson from Guns N' Roses' Buckethead
Did Brian 'Buckethead' Carroll depart Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy because he was too mad, or because Axl Rose was too mad? What a contest. Fact: you won't ever see a video like this from Slash. ML

Metallica's Creeping Death deciphered
I've always struggled to hear James Hetfield's lyrics clearly. No longer. But hold on, he makes no sense! ML

Ben Rogerson's choices

Purple Reign on Letterman
I like Prince, but I'm not all that keen on tribute bands. So what do I think of Prince tribute band Purple Reign? I think they're ruddy excellent, and after you're seen this clip of them performing on David Letterman's show, you will too. The original YouTube video has been removed, so you'll have to watch it on the band's website, where it might take a while to load. BR

FireWire: the end of the road?
With USB 3.0 on the horizon and Apple ditching support for it in its new MacBooks, it looks like FireWire 400's days could be numbered. Engadget celebrates its legacy with a touching montage. Thanks for the memories. BR

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Paul McCartney plays Helter Skelter in 1968
In further recognition of The White Album's fortieth birthday, here's some archive footage of The Beatles in the studio. Paul busks an acoustic version of Helter Skelter which sounds altogether more whimsical than the rock beast that made the cut on the album. Want more? Here's a compilation of more outtakes from the White Album sessions. And here's the 1968 Christmas message that the band sent on vinyl to fan club members.

A massive guitar-shaped bicycle
German inventor Didi Denft built a bicycle in the shape of a massive guitar. Just because he could.

Chris Wickett's choices

Learn the G major neutral zero chord
Tired of MusicRadar's extensive range of guitar lessons? If so, give this one a go instead, brought to you by the short-lived UK comedy Snuff Box. CW

Ben Folds Five play The Last Polka live
When I saw Ben Folds play live a couple of years ago, he announced this song as "one of his old songs that doesn't suck". With his back catalogue, I think he's being somewhat modest but anyway, here's the song played back in the day with the 'Five in all its piano kicking, Big Muff bass and 'punk for sissies' glory. CW

Mike Goldsmith's choices

BEARDYMAN and mr_hopkinson™: Monkey Jazz
BEARDYMAN: Twice UK Beatbox Champion. mr_hopkinson™: Clever audio/visual tech fella. Apart - rather good. Together… It starts as Biz-esque beatbox jazz and a bit comedy. Then somewhere around 2.00, Beardy gets the KAOSS Pad 3s out and it transforms into The Mighty Boosh's Eels and then the gloves really come off and the kitchen sink turns up and… Look, just watch it. Oh, and filmed in ONE BLOODY TAKE at Bristol's finest purveyor of lo-fi strangeness, The Cube Cinema. MG

The Notwist: Neon Golden (live w/Wii controllers)
The Notwist are a German indiepoptronica outfit on Domino who've found a lovely melancholic niche somewhere between Hot Chip and The Postal Service. Live, it gets more a touch more dancey thanks to lead nerd, Martin Gretschmann. Catching them live this week, the first thing I noticed was Gretschmann wielding two Nintendo Wii remotes as MIDI controllers - there's some translated background here. We've been in this territory before on Radar but Wiimotes used as a part of a live set-up a la WiiJ rather than just showing off could be a pointer for the future. Or just a decent sponsorship option. MG

Tom Porter's choices

LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (live)
LCD Soundsystem are not splitting up, and 'My House is one reason why we should be very, very pleased about this. Even Daft Punk love it. TP

Microphone fellatio as music art
A lady putting a live microphone in her mouth in the name of art. WARNING: this is not appropriate for minors and probably NSFW. Unless you work in the MusicRadar office, that is. TP

Still bored?

Here are Christian (Church Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, if you're interested) pop band Sonseed playing their safety-ska smash Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine. Aside from guitarist Frank Franco's dancing, the best bit is just after 1:53. Zap!


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