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The Beatles: Rock Band draft Gorillaz director Candleland

The Beatles: Rock Band - a video game as actual art
The Beatles: Rock Band - a video game as actual art

We thought the last bit of cinematic imagery from The Beatles: Rock Band was mind-blowing. Well, get a load of this: a new trailer for the video game that is an absolute work of art.

As directed by Passion Pictures' Pete Candeland, best known for his work with Gorillaz, the clip takes viewers on a gorgeous ride through the course of The Beatles' career. The animation is utterly unique, the transitions are seamless and the energy is non-stop.

In short, you've got to see it!

Enjoy the slideshow, and be sure to watch the trailer at the end.

Outside the Cavern Club

The Fab Four conquer England

"Is this all for us, then?"

Shea Stadium '65

Peace and love, and the end of touring

Magical Mystery Tour

Just four guys crossing the street...

To view the wonderful trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band, produced by Harmonix and Passion Pictures, click here.