SXSW 2009 blog: Day Four

"I wake this morning with the feeling that I have a second wind, a renewed energy.

"Today's itinerary is less full of new bands and more of my favourite acts. Perhaps it's the chance to witness And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead up close and personal that's enlivened my spirits.

"But first I'm off to the Texas Guitar Show which I'm covering in more detail here. The huge hall is full with guitar, guitar parts and, yes, all things guitar-related. There's a decidedly male presence and a whiff of geekiness (to which I'm happily contributing) in the salivating over technical details.

So many guitars, so little… The Texas Guitar Show

"But there is also the recognition of true craftsmanship. Many of the pieces on display are custom or hand-built and the passion that lies behind the creation of these instruments is notable.

"However it's probably reflective of my current state of mind that I like the ones with the nicest colours most…

"I wander down 6th Street between Emo's and Aces Lounge and I'm conscious that I already have a daily routine here. I check into a venue, give the band playing the length of time to drink a cold one and if they're no good, then it's off to the next place.

You call that a beer? This is a beer… Australia's finest export thrills again

"Beach House are the first band on my list today so I lazily make my way to the Auditorium Shores Stage. This Baltimore band have some lush melodies - think Grizzly Bear, think a less fussy Fleet Foxes.

"The gentle hypnotic sound is the perfect background as I catch some rays and sip from my giant beer.

And somewhere in the distance, Beach House went down a storm

"The sun drops and as twilight falls Austin's very own Explosions In The Sky take to the stage and it looks like the whole town has come to cheer the local lads on.

"The set unfortunately is blighted by poor sound and isn't loud enough - post-rock should move mountains but this wouldn't rattle a corn-dog stall.

"The closing white noise of First Breath After Coma erupt with fireworks over the river - finally, explosions in the sky for Explosions in the Sky!

Blogger's shaken barnet and worshipping hands pictured stage left

"I practically run across town to get to Emo's for Trail Of Dead. I get in and push right to the front, I'm putting my body on the line as it's anyone's guess what this lot will do tonight.

"What they do is TEAR IT UP! Save the rain forest groups must have long ago made a formal complaint about the rate of hardwood destruction this band cause, but who cares when for a paltry forty minutes (why did they not headline?) this band make you glad to be alive.

Louder than hell: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

"The night really should have ended there but I stay to watch Daniel Johnston. I leave before the end of the set, angry and depressed.

"I can't stand to watch the crowd cheer as the clearly very poorly Daniel shakes, misplays simple chords, reads his lyrics from a file and sings like an early X Factor contestant.

"I understand why he still maintains a rabid following, but this is not entertainment for me. A sad way to end the final day of what has been an amazing SXSW 2009. Austin - you've been great!"

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