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With our collective foot planted squarely on the monitor, this is the week that subtlety follows the television set out of the hotel window as MusicRadar celebrates bombast, showmanship and blistering technical skill.

To coincide with the voting frenzy of Guitarist magazine's Greatest Guitar Solo Of All Time poll, MusicRadar presents Solo Week, a collection of star interviews, features and tutorials that focus on that moment in the live set when all eyes and ears are locked on one heroic individual.

And we're not just talking guitar solos either. There will be plenty here throughout the week for drummers, keyboard players and even bassists to enjoy. Yes, that's right. Bass solos. Be afraid...

Keep checking back throughout Solo Week for a truckload of great content.

Here's the story so far:

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John 5 talks guitar solos
"I love a challenge", says Telecaster-loving shredder

The 12 most bombastic synth solos of all time
From Wakey to Rudess: the greatest players' finest moments

10 sure-fire ways to make your lead guitar tone cut through the mix
Make your solos heard live with these top tips

20 monster solos by 20 monster drummers
Rock legends and jazz greats captured on film

Jeff Beck's favourite guitar solos of all time
Legendary guitar hero speaks to MusicRadar

Phil Collen's 11 favourite guitar solos of all time
The Def Leppard star's picks for Solo Week

More tutorials:

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