Sheryl Crow gives away album to voters

Sheryl Crow: vote more toilet paper!
Sheryl Crow: vote more toilet paper!

Sheryl Crow is the latest artist to give away free music - but only if you register to vote.

In a tactic Crow calls "the Tupperware party approach" to inspiring young people to vote, the singer will give away a digital copy of her album Detours to the first 50,000 people who register three friends to vote in the forthcoming US Presidential elections.

"I hope people wake up and emotionally engage in issues," Crow told The Associated Press.

Crow's plan kicks off Rock The Vote's voter registration drive. Anyone who logs onto the Rock The Vote website also gets a free download of her politically-outspoken song, Gasoline.

Crow, 46, was one of the founding artists of Rock the Vote 18 years ago. In the interview she also suggested that more musicians should use their music to promote issues that affect Americans. Citing the songs of Edwin Starr, Buffalo Springfield, Marvin Gaye and Peter Paul And Mary from the '60s and '70s, she said:

"There was healthy competition among artists to create art that was commercial and political at the same time. Our music (now) is not representing the times — at least not socially and politically. Or maybe we're just distracted."

Crow's political statements haven't always been received with open arms. In 2007, during her Stop Global Warming Tour, she was ridiculed for suggesting people should use only square of toilet tissue per 'sitting'. Despite being supported by environmental groups, she then backtracked and said she was only joking.

Which caused too many people to think of Sheryl on the toilet, frankly.

Those who register to vote can get her free album Detours here.