Quantiloop for iOS promises flawless looping on the fly

Ever struggled with keeping those loops in time and trimmed to perfection? Well help is at hand in the form of Quantiloop, a new 2-channel looping pedal for iOS which will quantise your audio on the fly.

The looper will work with a MIDI pedal, but if you don't happen to have one to hand (or foot) then you can make use of the auto-record and pre-roll record functions.

Endless layers of overdubs can be created over the two tracks and any mistakes can be rectified with the undo/redo function.

If you are already running an iOS rig for your guitar or productions, then Quantiloop will slot right in with its Audiobus, Inter-App-Audio and Ableton Link compatibility.

Quantiloop is compatible with iPad 2, iPad Mini and later (iPad Retina or higher recommended) and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

The app is available on the Apple App Store now for £7.99/$9.99. For more information, check out the Quantiloop website.

Quantiloop features

  • Free, Synced and Serial playing styles
  • Multiple quantize modes
  • Multiple stop modes
  • Adjustable fade out
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • Overdub decay
  • Undo/redo
  • Auto record
  • High quality stereo audio
  • Clear loop status display
  • Rhythm guide with optional auto-start, auto-stop and count-in
  • Audible and visual metronome
  • Send start, stop and host sync to hosted rhythm apps.
  • Sync to host when embedded in an Inter-App-Audio host
  • Real-time tempo control
  • Extensive MIDI control
  • Multiple assignments per MIDI controller (tap, hold, double tap)
  • Support for Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio
  • Individual outputs for each track and rhythm
  • Synchronise to other apps and devices with Ableton Link
  • MIDI clock sync
  • Cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Audioshare...) import/export
  • Audio copy/paste
  • Store phrase presets in unlimited banks with 32 presets each
Simon Arblaster
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