Oasis's Dig Out Your Soul leaks

Dig Out Your Soul has partially leaked three weeks before release
Dig Out Your Soul has partially leaked three weeks before release

The new Oasis album has partly leaked online. What appears to be a be a fan site, Maybe Here Now, has 40 second samples of all tracks on the album plus two bonus tracks that will appear on Japanese releases of the album.

As well as streaming the tracks, the site has posted a link for a permanent download of the album preview

The source of the files is credited to 'Sony JP' - Sony Japan - and appears to be completely authentic, even if it's unlikely to be officially sanctioned.

The 13 tracks that can be previewed are:

Bag It Up
The Turning
Wating For The Rapture
The Shock Of The Lightning
I'm Outta Time
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
Falling Down
To Be Where There's Life
Ain't Got Nothin'
The Nature Of Reality
Soldier On
I Believe In All (Japanese bonus track)
The Turning (Alt Version # 4) (Japanese bonus track)

The link is on the blog Maybe Here Now.

New York buskers preview Dig Out Your Soul

Meanwhile, Friday 12 September saw various New York buskers take to the streets to play their own versions of Dig Out Your Soul tracks. Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell and Gem personally attended the buskers' rehearsals of The Turning, Bag It Up, (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady, and The Shock Of The Lightning. Watch rehearsals here.

The event was a collaboration between New York's marketing and tourism organisation and Oasis's US label Warner Brothers. Commuters around Grand Central Station, Times Square, Penn Station and Astor Place were all treated to the buskers' efforts. The event was filmed for a forthcoming Oasis documentary.

What MusicRadar really wants to know is: did the buskers make as much money as they would have playing Wonderwall? There's more footage of the buskers here.

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