Nirvana's Reading 1992 show finally gets DVD release

The fans want more, but will Universal deliver?
The fans want more, but will Universal deliver?

Nirvana's headline set at the 1992 Reading Festival is often cited as one of the high points of the band's brief career, and reports have emerged that 4 May will see the full concert become available officially on DVD for the first time.

According to NME, the DVD will be packaged under the rather superfluous title of Life Takes No Prisoners, and feature the band's entire 27 song set, including covers of Fang's The Money Will Roll Right In and Boston's More Than A Feeling.

However, there is speculation on the Nirvana fan forums at and that this is a bootleg release. The distinctly unofficial-looking cover art shown here leads us to suspect that this might indeed be the case.

A high-quality, professionally shot video of the Reading 1992 show has been widely available via torrent sites for several years now, albeit with a timecode running throughout.

Whether or not Life Takes No Prisoners turns out to be official, there's undoubtedly a huge demand amongst fans for more Nirvana releases.

We await an official response from Universal...

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