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NAMM 2010: Martin unveils X Series Origins Dreadnought

Martin X Series Origins Dreadnought
Martin X Series Origins Dreadnought

NAMM 2010: Martin Guitar has introduced a unique X Series Dreadnought paying homage to the heart and soul of the Martin company - the skilled craftsmen who meticulously build the world-famous Martin guitar.

You may recognize some of them if you have ever taken our factory tour. They are (click the gallery picture to enlarge): Gregory Dillard (top left), Joel Toth (center left, hands only), Larry Fehnel (bottom left), Joe Silvius (top right), George Savercool (center right), Karen Kuntzman (bottom right).

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Their combined experience totals over 118 years. The artwork, created by Chris Martin's cousin and artist extraordinaire, Robert Goetzl, is carefully imbedded into the HPL material of the guitar top, closely replicating Goetzl's original hand-painted watercolor.

The guitar, by the way, sounds as beautiful as the painting looks.

For more information, visit Martin Guitars' official site

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