Musikmesse 08: Play your plug-ins anywhere with V-Machines

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The V Pedal is a stomp box with a difference

The V-Pedal is a stomp box with a difference.
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Take your plug in sounds to the stage with V Box

Take your plug-in sounds to the stage with V-Box.
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V Rack is designed for studio use

V-Rack is designed for studio use.

Like Muse´s Receptor, SM Pro Audio´s V-Machines are designed to take your favourite VST plug-ins out of the computer and onto the road (or anywhere else you might fancy running them). Three new products are in the pipeline: the V-Box, the V-Rack and the V-Pedal.

Designed for keyboard players and DJs, the V-Box is the most compact of the three devices. This enables you to load multiple plug-ins into bank/preset memories for immediate access (you can also create plug-in chains) and supports the use of external MIDI controllers.

The V-Rack offers similar functionality to the V-Box but brings audio inputs and additional outputs to the party. This is more of a studio tool, and is designed to be used as an outboard effects unit, multiple output synth module or mastering device.

Finally, there´s the V-Pedal, a V-Machine for guitarists. This can host your favourite guitar amp and effect emulations (and other plug-ins, too) and features mic/line inputs, programmable stomp switches, rotary encoders, a TFT display, an expression pedal and more.

The V-Machines, which are powered by VFX technology, are Mac- and PC-compatible and connect to the computer over USB. Prices are still to be confirmed, but we´re told that all three models will be shipping in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Find out more at the SM Pro Audio website.