MusicRadar Playlist: this week's office listening

Friday rolls around once again, which means it's time for the MusicRadar Playlist - our weekly round-up of the tracks that have been on heavy rotation on our office stereo over the past week. Enjoy.

Circa Waves - Get Away

What's this? A four piece consisting of blokes wearing their Fenders high, singing hooky indie pop with choruses and playing buzzsaw guitar lines? It's like the best bits of 2004 crammed into one song, and therefore catnip to my rapidly ageing indie disco soul. Circa Waves are a band who have remembered that decent songs don't need dressing up, just playing hard. (Rob Power)

Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean

Apparently it's ten years since Outkast last released a proper album, which is all the tenuous reason I need to post this. (Si Truss)

The Diamond Lights - Secret Hell

The Diamond Lights are a London two-piece with a healthy addiction to speed-fuzz garage rock. 'Secret Hell' kind of minces Queens of the Stone Age and The Datsuns together, whacks the resulting burger in a psych-pop bun then takes a nice juicy bite. Drawwwl. (Ric Rawlins)

David Bowie - Atomica

David Bowie released The Next Day, his first album of new music in 10 years, last March to not a lot of fanfare - that all came from us, the music press, who warmly greeted the Thin White Duke's return to form. Now he's expanded the set into The Next Day Extra, which contains remixes and five new songs, including Atomica, a more-spunky-than-any-66-year-old-has-a-right-to-be rocker, full of big beats, gnarly guitar (courtesy of Earl Slick, we're assuming) and Bowie punching at the air and positing that he's "just a rock star stabbin' away." (Joe Bosso)

Tim Buckley - Pleasant St

It's great to see Fresh Meat back on telly, though it makes me crave being a student again. Damn this "being a graduate" concept! 'Pleasant Street' popped up in the soundtrack this week - I'd never investigated Tim Buckley before but it had me reaching for the 'ole Shazam in no time. It's cinematically sad, wounded but not bitter... perfect for a rainy day! (RR)

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