Muse "go classical": be afraid

Muse: going classical?
Muse: going classical?

Muse's singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy says the trio's next album could see them move away from rock sound to being more "orchestral".

Bellamy says: "There's some really brilliant songs coming out, some of our best material, I think.

"There's definitely a few things on the album which are segueing into each other and it's all very orchestral, but that could take over the album, so it could actually be kind of classical act basically [sic], and move away from rock all together.

"We'll be knocking on Classic FM's door, you know?"

A revelation?

Bellamy certainly likes to mix influences up. Of Muse's last studio album, Black Holes And Revelations, Bellamy said: "I've been listening to quite a lot of music from the south of Italy on this album. I've been living in Italy for a while, and I discovered this music from Naples, which sounds like a mix of music from Africa, Croatia, Turkey, and Italy. It kind of gives it a mystical sound, so I think that's one thing that influenced the album. I like being influenced by things that have a mixed style".

All good. And Bellamy also knows his classical composers. Rachmaninov is a particularly strong influence, which some Muse fans like.

But here's the danger.

If the new Muse end up anything like these classical chumps, we can only say this will be a black hole of doom and no revelation.

3 rock/classical car crashes

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic?

Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic? is based on Chopin's Prelude In C Minor. Mix with Manilow, add Take That, divide by Leona Lewis and you'll still get back to this. This could be Matt Bellamy in 20 years?

Kiss - The Kiss Symphony

Unsatisfied with going 'disco', Kiss then throw a symphony orchestra on top. This particular version is so over-egged, it's like chewing on a stack-heeled soggy souffle.

Emerson Lake And Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition

Emerson Lake And Palmer's Pictures At An Exhibition interprets the work of Russian composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. And by ELP, it's no oil painting.

Conclusion? Be careful what you wish for, Matt Bellamy…