More ways to enjoy Metallica's Death Magnetic

This is the cover...for now
This is the cover...for now

You say you aren't satisfied with just one way to listen to Metallica's upcoming album, Death Magnetic? Fear not - the boys in the band have revealed three different packages with which you can bang your head.

For $24.99, there's the cheapest option, which gives buyers the digital album at midnight of street date, plus the option to download two Metallica summer concerts, ringtones and the access to the Platinum areas of the Mission:Metallica site.

The next step up adds a physical CD to the mix (and free shipping to boot). Then, there's the biggie, the Limited Edition Collectible. For $124.99, you can get the digital, physical and 5LP versions of Death Magnetic, includinga lithograph. All three packages enter you into exclusive contests to win a chance to meet the band at select festivals. As an added bonus, each one comes with $10 off merch or Fan Club membership at

You can peruse which package is right for you at the Mission: Metallica Store. Still no word on that "coffin" box limited edition set, but we'll keep you posted.

Joe Bosso

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