John Squire says no through art

Squire's response seems pretty unequivocal to us...
Squire's response seems pretty unequivocal to us...

Tuesday 17 March saw widespread reports of a potential Stone Roses reunion. With talk of a 21-date tour in the pipeline, this latest reformation rumour seemed more substantial than previous speculation.

However, the next 24 hours would see Ian Brown's publicist and a spokesperson for John Squire issue fairly comprehensive denials.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that a Roses reunion this summer is highly unlikely, then we'd suggest checking out, where the former six-string wizard has posted the following piece of artwork:

There you go then, that's John Squire's feelings on the subject literally spelled out for you. Still, it surely won't be long before the next wave of Smiths reunion rumours begin to circulate.

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