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Institute receives Marshall gear worth over £8,000

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Marshall at The Insitutute

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and Marshall Amplification have worked together to strengthen their relationship by increasing opportunities for students to use one of modern music's most famous brands in all of the live performance studios around the school.

The prestigious amplifier manufacturer and their sister company Natal have donated of over £8,000 worth of Marshall and Natal gear to the modern music school.

The amps, cabs and combos are a mixture of ranges and Models from JVMs, DSLs, TSLs and MGs plus a bright red Natal drum kit, came shortly before the Institute's new academic intake, as part of the Institute's commitment of providing students with the highest quality facilities throughout their studies.


The Natal drums that were donated will be used by Institute students at external events all over the capital. They will be featured in student shows at famous London venues, including the Mermaid Theatre, Proud Camden and the Camden Barfly.

Ian Edwards, Head of Marketing at the Institute, said "we are so proud of our relationships with all of our industry partners, and Marshall is no exception. Since the 60's Marshall amplification has been at the cutting edge of contemporary music, and their continued support of Institute students means that the future is in safe hands."

Joel Manan, Artist Liaison Manager - Marshall Amplification plc, Natal Drums, Eden Bass stated, "The Institute is a really established and impressive school and we are very happy to work with them. It's great for all our brands especially Marshall to support young, upcoming musical talents coming from the Institute"

All of the students are ecstatic about the opportunities that the new equipment provides, and the Institute as a whole is looking forward to how the new equipment will expand and make better our facilities.

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