Guitar Hero: Metallica - a sneak preview

You too can look like this
You too can look like this

When it comes out 29 March, Guitar Hero: Metallica will feature elements personally concocted by the band members themselves.

The story line, for example, is the brainchild of frontman James Hetfield. In the game, players will progress from being Metallica's opening act to eventually becoming Metallica - if they don't blow their 'Load' that is.

The menu animations too will have a personal Metallica touch, as they were designed by longtime band friend and collaborator Pushead.

No 'Cliffin' 'Em All'

Although the band members all appear as their modern-day, mid-40s selves, there are unlockable skins that allow gamers to go back in time and play as 'early Metallica.' A cool feature, to be sure, but an even better feature would be one that allows bassists to time-travel and become the late Cliff Burton.

(Apparently, this idea was nixed, as the band feared it would be a slight to their current bass player Robert Trujillo. We disagree: In fact, it would be the ultimate tribute to Burton and hardly a diss on Trujillo.)

That said, the game has features up the butt and a track list that, while still a secret, has been described to us by a representative from ActiVision as "completely awesome."

Check out the video below for a teaser of the game.

And then, if you want an idea how you might look playing it, check out these Neversoft staffers demonstrating the game at the recent CES Show. (This is what guys wind up doing at conventions!)

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