3 more Radiohead reissues pop-up, déjà vu kicks in

Radiohead holding a crisis meeting about all these reissues probably
Radiohead holding a crisis meeting about all these reissues, probably

If 12 Radiohead reissues in a week wasn't enough to quench your thirst for Radiohead reissues, you've got a problem. Still, although it shows a blatant disregard for the wishes (and probably morals) of the band, these expanded CD/DVD editions of the first three LPs do look rather tempting…

The first album Pablo Honey includes the rare Drill EP, the Creep single and a four-song 1992 BBC live session. The DVD features a Top Of The Pops appearance and a nine-song set at the London Astoria recorded in May 1994.

The Bends is fattened-up with the My Iron Lung single, a 1994 BBC session and more songs from the Astoria gig. OK Computer lists another BBC session, this time from 1997, with the singles Paranoid Android, Karma Police and No Surprises.

The discs are available from 24 March, around a month before the 12 reissued singles

(Via: Billboard)