12 more Radiohead reissues on the way

Thom Yorke looks the other way (in disgust, probably)
Thom Yorke looks the other way (in disgust, probably)

Radiohead have released one album (In Rainbows) and a handful of singles since 2007. Let's call that an average schedule for one of the world's biggest bands with nothing left to prove. Radiohead's old label - EMI, and its subsidiaries Parlophone (UK) and Capitol (US) - however, has gone re-release crazy.

EMI has recreated 12 of the band's singles on limited-edition, 180-gram 12" vinyl. Drill, Creep, My Iron Lung, Just, Fake Plastic Trees, High And Dry, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Paranoid Android, Karma Police, No Surprises, Pyramid Song, There There and 2+2=5 are available to purchase on 21 April 2009, or pre-order today from Insound.


For fans, it's a nice collection of discs, particularly the Drill EP which was the band's first commercial release. But add that to the Radiohead CD albums boxset, the Best Of Radiohead collection and the Radiohead LP vinyl reissues and it does seem rather extreme.

Radiohead are free of their label contract, but the label can do whatever the hell they like with the back-catalogue. And 'whatever the hell they like' is exactly what they are doing.

(Via: At/Ease)

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